Creating professionals for fullfilling the needs of Ayurveda &Spa Industry
We introduce ourselves as one of the leading spa institutions in Kerala providing quality services in spa therapy training. As a result of the tremendous growth in the tourism and hospitality industry, there is also a rise in the need of qualified and efficient professionals in the tourism health sector. Jeevaya Spa Studies providing qualified therapists and professionals in spa as well as ayurveda those who were working in leading hotels and resorts. :: read more

The times are not easy for job-seekers in India with its vast pool of youth, each one hoping for a reasonable and dignified means of earning a livelihood. The solution to this problem is to tap new markets which have potential, instead of depending solely on the traditional ones.

Tourism is the flavour of the season and it is a market that shows no sign of petering out. Instead it seems to go from strength to strength. As long as India remains a favoured tourist destination we can be certain that there will be jobs available in all its various spheres. Most of all in the hospitality section! Nowadays it is essential for hotels to have Spas and possibly Ayurvedic treatment centres to keep up with the competition. But these facilities are of little use unless they have skilled therapists/masseurs to render the necessary services to the clientele.

At Jeevaya Spa, we train therapists in the latest techniques of the trade. Through our BSS approved Diploma courses we teach Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy/ Nursing and Massage Techniques as well as all the International Spa and Massage systems, besides instructing our students in the art of Cosmetology/ Beauty Therapy

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Rushes, strains, stresses are now a common part of our day to day life and as a result of these things our mind and body are becoming weaker and weaker fastily. The modern medicines for the diseases are only for body not for mind and human beings are strictly in need of a treatment method which can rejuvinate both mind and body. Ayurveda, the only treatment derived from nature can give a solution for this problem. Its treatment and medicines only can save the human body from defects caused by todays life style. Now a days people become more and more conscious about the natural way of treatment and the job opportunity in this field is growing faster and faster.
The management and staff at Jeevaya were full time conscious in providing facilities and suitable environment for the students for their studies and bright future.