Creating proffssionals for fullfilling the needs of Ayurveda &Spa Industry
As for our year long course, it also consists of very intensive training, which results in you leaving the institute a full-fledged Ayurveda Therapist.
We have residential courses where we provide you food and accomodation
  Ayurveda, the ancient Medical Science of India is a rich repository of treatment methods. Panchakarma is essentially a treatment that purifies the human body by removing the toxin accumulated within it. There are five (pancha) actions (karmas) that may be used to execute this. The body is prepared for this therapy by abhyanga and other means known as ‘Purvakarmas” :: read more  
  Ayurveda Massage Therapy is used to rejuvenate and relax the stressed human body and psyche. Non invasive and relatively gentle it is a process that relieves the tensions of modern life. Our syllabus includes innovations developed by our experts.:: read more
Spa is a term used to denote a number of Relaxation and Rejuvenation Therapies. The basic therapeutic means is the use of water in various applications to literally dissolve the anxieties, pressures and consequent ill feeling that results from the fast paced life of the present times. It also uses various Massage systems developed by various cultures.. :: read more
Cosmetology/ Beauty Therapy is the science of enhancing beauty through a range of methods. Beauty may be only skin-deep but an unkempt appearance cannot endear us to even the most charitable souls. The application of the science of Cosmetology or Beauty Therapy helps to create a good impression right... :: read more
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We can provide trained and experienced Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapists, Spa Therapists and Beauticians/ Cosmetologists Trained and freshers to reputed and trustworthy institutions. :: read more